Security and Micro Tracing

In the early 1990′s the need to stop the supply of counterfeit seed into the seed industry was brought to Kannar’s attention. Kannar began working on a solution to prevent fraudulent seed and soon discovered that the need for this product spread far beyond the seed conditioning industry. Many potential solutions were tried and tested however it was not until the early 2000′s that a patentable solution which met all of our requirements was discovered.

Kannar Earth Science has developed a formula that can be used to prevent fraud and can be used to track the product it is applied to. The formula consists of forensically encoded particles. The forensically encoded particles serve a covert function and when dispersed on the desired object they cannot be seen by the naked eye. These coded particles contain copy-protected technology which can prove authenticity in the court of law. The overt material can be seen by the trained eye when viewed under a ten-time magnified glass. This is useful for on sight identification.

Kannar is currently testing the security and micro-tracing product in various industries. We have developed formulas suitable for the ink and packaging industry, the fruit and vegetable, pack-housing, paper manufacturing, seed conditioning and forestry industries.

Timbermark™ Kannar is currently retailing Timbermark™ into the forestry industry. Timbermark™ is a concentrated pigment formulation which contains forensically encoded micro-particles. This product is applied to the end of felled trees and it provides growers with visual as well as overt identification of their timber.
The Timbermark™ is manufactured with organic pigments that are not harmful to our environment. The pigments used in these formulations have shown no negative results in the end products of the various timber incorporating industries.
Kannar Earth Science’s Timbermark™ is packaged in five litre containers. Each container is marked with an individual tracking number and is accounted for in a tracking file which is dedicated to each customer.