Seed Conditioning

In 1993 Kannar Earth Science began producing products for the seed conditioning industry. Over the past decade and a half we have grown to become market leaders in Sub Saharan Africa. Our main focus has been the production of colour and polymers used in the coating of treated seed. We have also developed a number of specialised products which are used in the Seed Conditioning Industry.

Through our strategic partnerships with Scott Bader, Liquid Colours and Chemtura we have been able to produce high quality products backed by excellent technical support. Our most recent partnership is with Chemtura. Kannar Earth Science is now the sole producer of seed coatings and flowable Sodium Molybdate for the Chemtura Sub Saharan division. Our current product ranges have adapted themselves to our working partnership and are categorised under the Chemtura brand names.

All of our products are produced under ISO9001 certified conditions. They are available in 20 litre plastic pales and 1000 litre flowbins. Each of the seed conditioning products have been thoroughly tested on germination and phyto-toxicity in both field and laboratory conditions. All of the ranges hold a two year shelf life warranty.