Home & Garden

Kannar Earth Science has recognised the need to focus its energy into the production of safe chemicals to replace more toxic ones. We have found that one of the areas most sensitive to the use of harsh chemicals is the Home and Garden market.

The Home and Garden market caters for recreational agriculture and horticulture practiced in small scale environments. These settings usually include the potential involvement of treasured children and household pets. The idea of incorporating the control of various pests in ones living space has led to a strong demand for safe pesticide technology. Kannar recognised this need and soon developed a successful organic range of pesticides.

Kannar Earth Science has combined natural science with the science of liquid formulation to produce a range of natural products which give proven results. Our goal was not to replace toxic chemicals with less effective sub standards. We aimed to produce safe products which were equal or more effective as their harsher predecessors. We are pleased to have achieved this out come in our current ranges.

Kannar is currently producing very competent organic fungicides and insecticides with further research being conducted in the adjuvant industry. We also have developed a successful mammal repellent. Kannar Earth Science’s pesticide range has been EcoCert certified; they are also manufactured under ISO 9001 certified conditions. Our organic range has a eighteen month shelf life warranty.

Insecticides: Kannar Earth Science’s insecticide range incorporates three safe products which are scientifically formulated to function at their optimum. Kannar combines Pyrethrum, Various Oils and Garlic extract to produce broad spectrum insecticides with multiple controlling actions.

Our formulas are highly concentrated and packed into various sizes smaller than a litre. We have also developed completely organic aerosol versions for the control of insects indoors and outside of the house. Kannar’s insecticides are non toxic to mammals and, when applied in the recommended manner, they will not harm the beneficial insects.

Fungicides: Kannar’s fungicidal range consists of broad spectrum fungicides effective on various harmful fungi. Our Fungicides act by attacking and denaturing the cell wall of the fungi. The fungicide is also systemic and is absorbed by the plant to produce a variety of beneficial reactions.

Kannar’s fungicides are concentrated formulations which are packed in a variety of easy to use container sizes. Our Fungicides is not harmful to animals or humans, making them ideal products to be used in and around the house.

Mammal Repellents: Kannar Earth Science has developed an organic mammal repellent. This product is used to prevent the destruction of plants inflicted by small mammals such as dogs and rabbits. The product works by containing repellents which will deter the animal form inflicting any damage on the treated plants.