Sustainable Agriculture

Kannar Earth Science has placed a great deal of its efforts into developing a safe pesticide range to be used in sustainable agriculture. Kannar has recognised the need to develop a product range that does not harm a farm’s ecosystem; one that is sensitive to the soil, the plant itself, beneficial insects, animal life and the water table. We also aimed to produce quality products that would give proven results and solve the high residue risk of older chemistry.

The result of these efforts has been the development of our Sustainable Agriculture range. Kannar has produced an environmentally conscious range which has been trialled and registered under Act 36/1947 of the Department of Agriculture. Our range consists of natural fungicides and insecticides as well as safe chemistry adjuvants. The use of natural chemicals has other benefits in addition to preserving the environment. Pests have the ability to build up resistance to synthetic materials; but we have discovered that this does not occur natural ingredients. We have also found that many of the ingredients we use have multiple beneficial activities resulting in greater positive effects when applied.

Kannar Earth Science’s pesticide range has been EcoCert certified; they are also manufactured under ISO 9001 certified conditions. Our organic range has an eighteen month shelf life warranty

Insecticides: Kannar Earth Science’s insecticide range incorporates three safe products which are scientifically formulated to function at their optimum. Kannar combines Pyrethrum, Various Oils and Garlic extracts to produce broad spectrum insecticides with multiple controlling actions. We have enhanced the natural actions of our ingredients through the use of sophisticated machinery and a carefully calculated formulation process.

Our formulas are highly concentrated and packed into various sizes suitable for agricultural use. For longer lasting results it is recommended that you use our sticker when applying this range. Kannar’s insecticides are non toxic to mammals and, when applied in the recommended manner, they will not harm the beneficial insects.

Fungicides: Kannar’s fungicidal range consists of a broad spectrum fungicide effective on the control of multitude of fungi. Our Fungicide works by attacking the cell walls of the fungus making it susceptible to the elements. The fungicide is also systemic and is absorbed by the plant to produce a variety of beneficial reactions. Kannar’s fungicide is a very concentrated formulation which is packed in a variety of easy to use container sizes. Our Fungicide is not harmful to animals or humans. This fungicide may be applied post harvest and it does not have any residual restrictions.

Mammal Repellents: Kannar Earth Science has developed an organic mammal repellent. This product is used to prevent the destruction of plants inflicted by small mammals such as deer and rodents. The product works by containing irritants which will deter the animal form inflicting any damage on the treated plants. The mammal repellent remains effective for a longer period of time when combined with our sticker.

Adjuvants: Kannar’s expertise in the colour dispersion industry has made us capable of producing wetters and stickers for use in sustainable agriculture. Kannar is in the process of registering two very successful adjuvants. We look forward to releasing these products into the agricultural industry.