About Us

Kannar Earth Science is a research, development and marketing manufacturing company positioned in the agricultural, forestry, turf and home garden industries. Kannar Earth Science is a member of the Speedbird Group and has incorporated the Group’s expertise in high speed mixing and ultra fine milling into the formulation of its products. The micro-formulation technology used in Kannar’s product ranges increases the effectiveness and concentration of our goods. Each product is rigorously tested and refined to meet its desired outcome.

Kannar Earth Science is committed to ensuring the conservation of our environment. We are constantly seeking to replace hazardous products with products that are safer for the environment and for human handling. Our products are designed to be simple and effective in application and simultaneously safe when used.

Kannar Earth Science can be divided into the following divisions namely Agriculture and Seed Conditioning, Security and Micro Tracing, Golf and Turf and Forestry. Our products are formulated in association with the Speedbird Group and are produced under ISO 9001 certified conditions. We pride ourselves in developing high quality products which are produced with each customer’s need in mind.